Welcome expectant mothers/parents of multiplets!

We designed this website to inform you about specific topics of multiple pregnancy and parenthood

Additionally, you may find information leaflets to print out, read and discuss with your health care providers. 

This platform is an addendum for the book “Zwillings- oder Mehrlingsschwangerschaft und -Geburt” (twin- or higher order multiple gestation and birth) for specialists and midwives (Berlin, de Gruyter publisher 2021). Parental health literacy is fundamental to make decisions about care, prenatal diagnosis, life style, weight control, birth and postnatal aspects such as breastfeeding and follow-up. 

The authors of this book (Birgit Arabin, Ulrich Gembruch, Amr Hamza, Ioannis Kyvernitakis)  have also compiled selected aspects for expectant parents as information leaflets to empower them to discuss certain aspects with their health care providers within a shared-decision process

Our topics: are currently limited. We are open to further suggestions and corrections. We are reachable by email: bine.clara.angela@gmail.com or dramrh@gmail.com

  1. Ultrasound examinations and Doppler sonography
  2. Early invasive / non-invasive diagnosis to rule out chromosomal or genetic malformations 
  3. Weight and weight gain 
  4. Prevention of preterm delivery in multiple gestation 
  5. Information about the birth of twins and higher order multiples
  6. Breastfeeding of multiplets